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Your vehicle’s tire pressure levels come recommended at a certain level for a reason: to preserve tire tread life and make your ride safer. Here are a few signs that your car tires need to be replaced.

Too much air in the tires will make it very hard to control your heavy vehicle on slick roads because less of the tread is actually gripping the road surface. Not only that, the tread will wear faster in the middle of the tire and reduce the tire life tremendously. When the car tires are under-inflated, now there is too much tread contacting the road. In addition to it being harder to handle the car because of all that added friction, you increase the risk of a tire blowout when traveling at higher speeds.

Get over to Knoepfler Chevrolet in Sioux City, IA so we can give all the tires a complete inspection. We can also help rotate them so they last longer.

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