January 21st, 2019 by

The wipers on your vehicle are wearing away a little at a time even when they are not in use. These are a few reasons to make certain to replace those worn blades frequently.

The reason that the blades on your vehicle wear so quickly is because they are simply comprised of rubber elements. Add into the mix damage from the sun, oxidation, and just everyday wear and tear from rubbing back and forth over the glass, and you can see why its important to get them checked and replaced often. in your windshield wiper blades break down due to oxidation. Once the wiper blades are brittle and stiff, this is when it gets difficult to be able to see clearly. Every time you use the worn blades, they now leave streaks and blurry spots.

Get down to our Chevrolet dealership for a regular wiper replacement and you’ll be able to see clearly in any weather conditions.

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