March 2nd, 2018 by

If you have been driving for a while, then chances are that you remember the old 3,000 mile oil change rule. This has long been the rule of thumb that we all followed when it came to engine oil maintenance. However, this old way of thinking isn’t necessarily 100% true anymore. Many changes have been made over years to both engines and engine oils, which can now allow them to go much further on a single oil change than ever before.

Many drivers are now able to go anywhere from 5,000 miles between oil changes all the way up 7,500 miles depending on the age of the vehicle and the type of oil that they are using. But if you are simply more comfortable with keeping your 3,000 mile oil change routine, then there certainly is nothing wrong with that. However, if you do choose to increase the length of time between oil changes to follow the manufacturer’s new recommendations, you can find yourself saving quite a bit of money over the long haul.

If you aren’t sure what is right for your vehicle, try checking your owner’s manual or calling the service center here at Knoepfler Chevrolet in Sioux City, IA for some advice.

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