Routine Maintenance Warning Signs in Sioux City, IA

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Routine Maintenance Warning Signs in Sioux City, IA

Routine automotive maintenance is inevitable, and understanding the symptoms your vehicle displays will allow you to maintain a safe driving experience. Of course, we at Knoepfler Chevrolet know that it’s easy to let some of these slip through the cracks, which is why we’re here to fill you in on the warning signs that will appear when you’re long overdue for a visit to our Service Department. If you have any questions beforehand, don’t hesitate to contact our experts. 


Let’s start with the systems idling at the core of your beloved vehicle, as these are integral to a successful commute. For starters, it’s always important to keep an eye out for your check engine light, since this icon will notify you when something has gone awry beneath the hood. Another indicator to be on the lookout for is a scraping sound coming from your engine bay or a burning smell entering your interior. This typically happens when your oil has degraded past its window of effectiveness and means you’re ready for a fluid change. Has your powertrain been sputtering when you turn your key in the ignition? Maybe you have noticed a swollen battery casing. Both of these red flags signal that your component is ready for a test and possible replacement. Fortunately, we can accomplish that here! 

Tires & Suspension

Your tires are making constant contact with the roadway, which is why it’s so crucial to stay current with their upkeep. After all, maintaining a high level of traction can mean the difference between a controlled commute and compromised handling. That’s why we suggest that you take a look at your tires’ tread depths for yourself to assess their wear and tear. If you notice uneven erosion, cracks in the sidewall, or your steering wheel vibrates when exceeding speeds of 45 MPH, then you’re probably due for a visit. While you’re here, we’ll take a look at your brake pads. In the interim, be on the lookout for a grinding sound when you attempt to bring your vehicle to a full stop. Lastly, have you noticed your steering wheel veering to the left- or right-hand side of the road while attempting to travel forward? This could mean that your tires are misaligned and your suspension requires an adjustment at our Service Department


Making sure that you can see everything that lies ahead is essential to keeping you and fellow drivers safe while conquering your daily to-do lists. With the various weather conditions we experience in the Midwest, it’s important to stay up-to-date with your wiper blade replacements. To signal their degradation, be aware of a chattering or skipping sound while they attempt to glide across your windshield. This means they are no longer making direct contact with the front glass and are struggling to wick away precipitation. Afterwards, another thing you might see are leftover streaks on your windshield, which means you’re ready for a replacement. While you’re here, ask about our silicon options, as these only require a change once annually. It’s also always a good idea to check your headlights and taillights before your travels to prevent yourself from getting ticketed. If you see them flicker, our Parts Department will be happy to provide you with some new bulbs. 

If you recognize any of these routine maintenance warning signs in Sioux City, IA, head to Knoepfler Chevrolet today! We look forward to your visit during open hours. 

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